Wasps’ Nest

April 28, 2016 - Comment

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Anthony Stolarz says:

Sherlock with a personality I’ve always been an Agatha Christie fan. Yes, if read extensively, one can ALMOST figure it out but to date ( and I’ve watched many Miss Marples and Poirots) I always seen to figure things out incorrectly. My wife also is batting zero. And this is the beauty of Poirot. In the end he always brings up some nebulous observation and when this is fit into the puzzle Mr. Suchet comes out smelling like a rose. And his interaction with Detective Japp, Captain Hastings and the lovely Miss Lemon is…

Carol P. says:

Poirot I love whodunnits and Agatha Christie’s Poirot is one of my favorites. I love Poirot – this particular Poirot is a joy to watch!

Tom I. says:

11 Poirot Mysteries That Will Surely Entertain I have been a Poirot fan ever since the programs were first televised here during the early 90s. David Suchet is to Poirot, what Rathbone is to Sherlock Holmes. His potrayal of Poirot is one of a kind, from his crime solving, his dress, his speech, and ultimately his mustache. I recently purchased the Blu-ray “Early Cases Collection” consisting of Series 1-6 containing 47 stories. The quality of the discs is exellent. However, if Blu-ray is a little pricey, I’d recommend the SD…

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