Witness for the Prosecution: Play (Acting Edition) by Agatha Christie (2014-11-28)

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Laura Shea says:

Agatha Christie Classic This is an Agatha Christie classic. I’ve seen the movie before and had read dozens of Agatha Christie books when I was a kid, but I’d never had the opportunity to read this story. It’s clever and entertaining, and if you’re not familiar with the movie, I think you’d enjoy it all the more. It’s a quick read, can be finished in one sitting, and is a stand-alone story that doesn’t feature Christie’s most famous detectives, so you need not be familiar with any of the characters. For the price,…

S.G. Mitchell says:

LESS is BEST with WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION This is not really a book. It is a short story. That makes it very fast. It finishes so it’s “developed”–the basic turn is there. It is both predictable and suspenseful depending on whether you have ever heard the story or book or several versions of The Witness for the Prosecution. I bought the “book” to see if I could find the first time the idea was published. I disliked the most recent version on TV. “Disliked” is probably mild. I thought it was pretty terrible,…

fra7299 says:

Awesome example of Christie’s skill and mastery as a mystery writer Probably best known for the 1957 Oscar-winning film it produced, Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution is fine in its own right, a short story that packs quite a punch. It is easy to see why this had the makings for the big stage and Hollywood, as it relies heavily on moments of suspense and tension, a slow build up to the resolution as we await the verdict in court. There’s also a little misdirection carefully placed by Christie towards the conclusion that, to me, make the mystery and…

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